25 May 2016

Apo Island & It's Sea Turtles

That first picture is amazing, isn't it? The underwater fauna at Apo Island was incredible, all 6 adults and 6 kids in our group were awed by the experience. We were also pretty surprised and disappointed by the exploitation on the island. As we got closer and I could see more of the island my excitement spiraled to shock. There was so much concrete, boats docking by the shore, tour guides eager to work for the day and commercial tarps offering extra text for your load in the small cove that we were in. It was overcrowded and not highly organized. I have serious doubts that it will stay intact and remain the sanctuary that it was for long. Still it was a memorable trip so let me also share the best bits of our day on the island.

We had never seen so many pawikans in one place, in all sizes and ages. Actually, we've only seen one at Pamilacan Island. There was one that must have been over four feet tall and was about the size of the 6 year old in our group. We swam with one turtle and we caught him dip down to have a bite of grass then swim up and poke his head out of the water for some air a few times. Aiden who is obsessed with sea creatures was having the best day of his life. The pawikans come close to the shore where they feed on the sea grass, that is where the throng of tourists are. The second snorkeling site we went to after lunch we reached by boat and was in the middle of the water. There we were the only group, it was a bigger area and deeper water so it was a much more pleasant adventure for everyone.

The gorgeous underwater photos are by Paco.