04 May 2016

Dumaguete With 6 Kids

This summer we took take a trip with the families of two of Gael's good friends who have quickly become good friends of the whole family. As with all trips with friends there was a lot of hide and seek for the kids and amounts of alcohol for the parents. Traveling with friends of your kids is highly recommended - your kids don't hurry you through dinner so they can play, they don't bug you to swim with them when you just want to have a beer on a pool lounger, they are dog tired at bedtime, there were no gadgets and not once did any of them say they were bored. Of course you can't just bring your kids' friends but you have to bring the parents as well so you have adult conversation over dinner (a meal with no mention of Minecraft!), you can point at the other parents when your kid asks you why you're having another beer and you can take turns dumping all kids in one room for a sleep over.

Siliman University

Our destination was Dumaguete which was the perfect mix of provincial life, resort luxury, crystal clear waters and island hopping. We spent a day in Dumaguete and were pretty impressed with the lovely Siliman University and it's Marine Lab.

Siliman University Marine Lab

The Boulevard

Sea Dream Hotel

We stayed at Sea Dreams in Dauin and would definitely stay there again. The rooms are big - we had a double mattress on the floor and we still had room to walk around, open the closet and use the desk. The bathroom was great - nice, clean but the shower needed a shower curtain or glass door. I really don't get why they don't do shower curtains in hotels in the Philippines. There was a clean pool and big garden the kids couldn't get enough of.

The hotel food was nothing great but the pizza at Hayahay and the dessert at Sans Rival was delish.  The Malatapay market on Wednesdays is a great place for lunch. All twelve of us loved the lechon and kilawin,

Day trips we did was to the Manjuyod Sand Bar in Bais and Apo Island.