06 May 2016

Manjuyod Sand Bar, Bais

After a slow two hour van ride from Dauin to Bais, we couldn't wait to sink our toes in the sand and get our skin salty from the sea. I had seen so many pictures of this gorgeous strip of white sand in the middle of the Tañon Strait this was the one thing I absolutely did not want to miss.

Our guide was the fabulous Angelo Villanueva of Dumaguete Outdoors. He provides transportation, a freshly cooked healthy lunch, great conversation and lots of booze. One of those cottages you see on stilts was our base for the day and it got the fun tropical set up with Angelo's banigs and candy colored bean bags. The water was crystal clear, the sand was powdery, there were lots of starfish and a lone jellyfish. The kids swam, snorkeled, attempted to fish and dove of the banka over and over again. The current was strong and we didn't get to see dolphins like we planned to but it didn't matter, we could have stayed there all day.