24 May 2016

Reversible Wrap Skirts

The Anthill x Mothering Earthlings Summer Collection is here and it is a burst of fun florals that brighten up any day with vibrant accents of Filipino hand woven cotton.  As always it pays tribute to the artisans who celebrate their culture by continuing their living traditions of weaving fabric in the hopes of passing it on to younger generations with much value and appreciation.  These skills are also their source of sustenance. Despite aching backs and cramped spaces, these women choose to work in their homes as they are first loving mothers to their children. They finish an average of 5-7 meters a day on their handmade antique looms while juggling household chores. 

This new collection gives you a quirky new twist to the most versatile skirt a little girl can ever have. The Tablas makes it debut and comes with a long waistband in the print of the reverse side accented with Ramit bands in varying colors. Ramit is meticulously handwoven by the Buhid and Hanununo Mangyans in Minodro, Philippines. Upcycled thread is spun into intricate geometric patterns.

The Tayum is back and this time in it's long waistband is made from Binakol, a hand woven pattern by skilled artisan mothers from Anthill's partner weaving community in Sarrat, Philippines using scrap or upcycled thread.  This season it comes in subtle checks on one side and bright florals on the other. Pick the side the fits the top, the occasion or the mood.  These wrap skirt have an adjustable waist which means they will grow with her. They are fun and frilly in all the right ways.