16 July 2016

Inay Moments Nursing & Shape Wear

Inay Moments just landed at Mothering Earthlings and she is going to help us bring sexy back. Oh yes she is! Joana Ramirez started Inay Moments soon after the birth of her third child when she could not find a postnatal girdle that wasn't exorbitantly expensive. Now she has two postnatal shapewear that every mom should have in her hospital bag. A girdle with more cinch power that helps get the tummy back to it's original size and maybe even smaller, if you are lucky.  And a tummy band for those of us who can't take the cinch and are happy enough with this adjustable velcro band.

They also have a Seamless Nursing Bra, one of few local brands of nursing bras. Horray for everything homegrown! Finding the right bra is essential for any woman but for pregnant and nursing women it can be life changing. I remember changing bra size constantly during my pregnancies and when I was breastfeeding - bigger, rounder, fuller, wider and everything else in between. It was about 18 months of buy different bras in different sizes for the unique shape my body and breasts were in. The Seamless Nursing Bra is so stretchy, soft and snug you are going to want to wear it all day every day.