15 July 2016

Lilom, Anilao

Before the kids went back to school we had our last summer hurrah at Lilom Resort & Gallery Cafe in Anilao. The resort was cozy and the staff attentive but not overbearing, it felt like we were at our own weekend home. They charge a per person rate regardless of the number of rooms you get so the best part of this trip was the boys getting their own room which meant I didn't have to share a bathroom with them. The worst part of any vacation is sharing a bathroom with those two and having everything wet all the damn time!

The rate of PhP2,800 per night is inclusive of all meals AND afternoon cocktails and pica pica. Did you hear that? Cocktails EVERY afternoon. All part of the package! I'm already looking forward to the next weekend there. Meals were buffet and we got to eat in the garden in the shade of a tree. I don't know why small resorts don't all do buffets which seems more efficient. Many, many times the worst thing I've experienced in local resorts and hotels is the food - long waits, bad service, cold food, bad food, overworked and tired staff. A buffet seems like the best solution and the best way to keep customer huger rage away. 

At dusk we had the perfect view of the sunset. Right in front of Lilom was this huge rock the boys set up fort on. There were two tiny pools to lounge in as we looked onto the bay sipping our cocktails. Yes, cocktails. Did I mention they serve cocktails every afternoon?

We spent one morning snorkeling at Sombrero Island and the nearby spots. There was stunning underwater plant and sea life everywhere. In the water right at Lilom there already was plenty to see but the trip is worth it. It's only a short 15-20 minute boat ride so we were back for lunch. And cocktails.