16 August 2016

Li'l Kash Breast Pump Bags

Li'l Kash Mom and Baby Boutique is the newest member of the Mothering Earthlings family. We were so impressed when we found Frances and her brand new business. Frances used to be a good customer and now we thrilled that she is a mompreneur herself. Li'l Kash makes breast pump bags that are fun, chic and, best of all, affordable. You no longer have to make do with stiff, boxy, black pump bags that look like your grandfather's attache case in the 80s. Nor do you have to shell out thousands of pesos to get yourself a good one.

Each pump bag comes with a built in insulated cooler to store up to 8 5-oz bottles of your expressed milk that nursing mothers like to call liquid gold. They have a separate compartment for your pump and your personal things so you don't have to lug around several bags at time. Now you can leave home with peace of mind knowing that your baby will till enjoy your breast milk after a full day at the office or a long day doing errands.