American Idiot Manila

In 1994 I had a cassette tape of Dookie to sing my ass off to in the car. Yes, you read that right, I had the C-A-S-E-T-T-E. The album was loud, it was angsty and it didn’t give a fuck. Much like my then 20 year old self. Green Day was badass and that album has to be on of the greatest punk albums of all times. So when Eliza of Momama asked who wanted to watch American Idiot with her I was the first in line. Never mind that I was pregnant when American Idiot came out. Pregnant I gained 60 pounds and waddled like an Emperor penguin but I was still loud, I will probably always be angsty and I rarely give a fuck.

American Idiot is a rock opera that is everything you would expect of one. It made me want to sing with the songs, dance with the cast, laugh at the jokes, cry at the arias and shout like I was at an wild punk concert. It was and probably will be the loudest musical I will ever go to. But the Green Day score was made to be listened to at this volume and an excellent one to rock out to.

When I heard that Basti Artadi, the only name I recognized in the entire cast, was in it I thought that he might overshadow everyone else. I also thought that doing justice to the Billie Joe Armstrong songs would be problematic. I have to say Jason Fernandez held his own and did not disappoint. Yanah Laurel who played Whatsername was outstanding with her powerful voice and compelling presence. The ensemble was excellent, they opened full of energy and ended at their peak. Oh to be young, talented and have a six pack for abs!



There are two weekends left to catch American Idiot at the Bonificacio High Street Ampitheater. That’s this weekend and next only! Get your tickets here or buy PhP4,000 worth at select High Street stores and get 2 free tickets. You can actually sit at the grassy steps or the restaurants to hear it for free but it this something that you have see.

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