Hell Yeah!

He may only be 7 years old but Gael wants to do it all.  He is one of those people that thinks he is invincible, that anything and everything can be done, that if you will it, it will come.  What can I say, he is a walking bumper sticker that is rubbing off a pessimist like me.  Gael is also a crazy daredevil who loves to do anything dangerous and seems to think he is reincarnation of Evil Canevil.  He gives me a heart attack every time he does a run, tumble and headstand into my bed or walks ahead of me in the mall and I lose sight of him for a few seconds or attempts to cross the road by himself or tries to scale a wall like Spider Man.  He cannot understand why there are times he is too little to do things and there are times he is too old to have things done for him.  To him I unfairly and randomly decide whether he is too young or old enough to do anything, drink fun stuff, go places, give him chores, carry his bag.  So yes anything and everything.

You might think that I am a crazy-do-whatever-you-want, irresponsible mother and you are absolutely right.  Even then there are actually many non negotiable things that Gael cannot do until he is older and I pray to the Gods more mature.  Naturally these are the things he is DYING to do.  D.Y.I.N.G.  So I get the same questions ever two days like your favorite one hit wonder song of the moment playing on loop for days.  Top of his list are the usual things 7 year olds are not supposed to do like sit in the passenger seat, drive a car, buy a motorcycle, watch a move with just his friends, go to the men’s restroom alone, get a tattoo, drink beer.  When I was 7 all I wanted was to play with my Barbies and get my hair braided with ribbons and bows.

Then he started getting a little bit suspicious.  All my answers seem to be in the same age bracket.  He can sit in the passenger seat when he is 13, he can drive a car when he is 16, buy a motorcycle when he is 17 provided he pays for it himself of course, watch a movie with just his friends and go to the men’s restroom alone probably when he is 13,  get a tattoo and drink a beer when he is 16.  And yes some of the age requirements I totally made up along the way.  One day he gets an AHA! moment.  Hey, wait a minute.  Why does everything happen when I’m a teenager?  

You bet it does and you don’t even know the half of it.

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