How To Use A Baby Pouch

We get a lot of questions about how to use the different baby carriers we have at the shop. The best way to learn is to really just try it out and practice around the house. See what works best for you and your baby – which baby carrier you prefer and which carry your baby is more comfortable in. And when you totally get it, your baby grows and you have to start all over again.  Yes, mothering is all about throwing you curve balls. My babywearing days were about a decade ago but I do remember using different carriers for different occasions. For grocery and market days I liked taking them in a stroller and packing a pouch so I could easily slip them in and put my grocery bags on the stroller. If I were going shoe shopping then I definitely would go with the Mei Tai where they would be snug as a bug and I could try on as many pairs as I wanted.

I will do a baby carrier instructional series starting with the IB + ME Pouch. The pouch was my favorite carrier. I lived in Spain when my kids were babies and we did a lot of walking. The pouch was easy to pack in any bag and easy to get the kids in and out of so it gave me the options. I would wear them for a bit, push them in the stroller if I needed a break or let them walk if I wanted to do something crazy like unleash my spawns in wide open spaces.

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